Binnen de Betafactory worden jaarlijks tientallen projecten uitgevoerd. Van een ontwerpstudie tot een prototype.

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Het draait om mensen die meer willen halen uit projectgericht, ondernemend onderwijs. Studenten, docenten, bedrijven en investeerders.

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Een laatste bericht van docenten Peter en Richard over de gebeurtenissen gisteren. ... See MoreSee Less

Today, Sunday, we have dealt with the burden of deception. Until the very last moment the team of Formula Cruisers has fought like a lion to prepare the HU-2 for driving. However, at two o'clock, at the very last hard deadline for final scrutineering, the car was not finished yet. The project was switched off and the team had to take their loss. Then we witnessed what it means to be so highly committed to a goal of Olympic proportions. Everybody mourned in his very own way. Feelings of anger, deception, usefulness and extreme fatigue alternated. It took some time but the team recovered. With the remnants of bitterness on their faces the pit was cleaned up and the electronic team pulled itself together to diagnose the cause of the problem which made the machine crash. Amazing spirit! Sad to admit that a small thing can kill a whole project in the sight of the harbor. We admire the team for its endurance to go to the very end. Surrender was not an option. An unknown verb for the Formula Cruisers. We admire the team for its resilience which made them climb from the deepest caverns. We have seen a team in its highs and its lows. For now the taste is bitter, but we are sure that there will be a moment in time that the team members will look back and acknowledge that they wouldn't want to have missed it for anything else in the world. This is top sport, everything included! Guys, thanks, for all! P&R.

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De studenten van The Formula Cruisers hebben gevochten als leeuwen, maar zijn in het zicht van de haven gestrand. De system scrutineering werd het eindstadium van het team. Ondanks dat we enorm trots op het team zijn is de verslagenheid binnen het team groot.

Docent Hans schreef een mooi stukje over hoe trots ze mogen zijn en hoe trots wij op ze zijn: "Guys, despite of the result, I am very proud and honored to have seen you act as a team. To overcome design, build, rebuild, persevere, disappointments and uncertainties with one goal. In my eyes, you did it exceptionally well. I thank you for the wonderful time. Be proud of yourself and each other. I am too!!"
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