Tech4Health – European Innovation Academy

Mirjam Zijderveld, Technology for Health – This summer a group of 10 students from TIS participated in the European Innovation Academy and they did great!

Tom, Mohammed, Clemens and Luuk won a patent scholarship with their product idea NextStep. This idea was born during the Tech4Health hackathon in March. The ‘NextStep’ is a revolutionary railling system which will help individuals go up and down the stairs with ease! The elderly or partially disabled will be able to walk the stairs independently, comfortably and most important safely. Next to that they will gain mobility.

Three others (Tim, Peter and Ingrid) were also part of a price winning group. Overall everybody had a great learning experience, expanded their network and although not all entrepreneurs, they certainly developed entrepreneurial skills and a learning mindset. They worked most of the days from 10.00 till 20.00 and still they called it the greatest summer they experienced so far! Bart, Tim, Jorn, Chiara, Ingrid, Tom, Mohammed, Clemens, Luuk en Peter studenten van IPO, IDE, TBK, W en TN show that a working and studying holiday can be great. Our THUAS world citizens international networking as entrepreneurs ;-)

The European Innovation Academy is non-profit educational institution with a mission to educate future entrepreneurs. The last five years they have grown into the world’s largest entrepreneurial summer program developed in cooperation with professionals of universities and companies from Silicon Valley; UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google and many others. For us, THUAS it is our second year and we hope to be part of this great program with a selection of students again next year. We organize the Tech4Health hackathon in March 2018 to select new students for this great adventure.